EventLog Analyzer - Log management, auditing, and IT compliance management made easy.

Collect, monitor, and analyze logs, and comply with regulatory mandates.

Security log management: Leave no log unturned

Collect, manage, analyze, correlate, and search through log data from over 750 sources right out of the box using agentless log collection, agent-based log collection, and log importing. Further, analyze any human-readable log format with EventLog Analyzer’s custom log parser, which automatically reads and extracts fields and allows you to mark additional fields for better analysis of unsupported or third-party application log formats. EventLog Analyzer’s built-in syslog server automatically configures and collects syslogs from network devices, allows you to perform syslog analysis and provides in-depth insights into security events.

Network device monitoring: Start with perimeter security

Guard your network perimeter from intrusions by auditing log data from perimeter devices, including routers, switches, firewall, and IDSs and IPSs. Gain valuable insights on firewall security policy and rule changes, admin user logons and logoffs (including failed logons) on critical perimeter devices, changes to critical user accounts, and more. Spot inbound and outbound traffic from malicious sources and block it in real time with predefined workflows.

Application log analysis: Protect what matters

Monitor critical changes, detect data theft, identify attacks, and track downtime in your business-critical applications, such as databases and web servers, through application log auditing.

EventLog Analyzer is a database activity monitoring tool that helps ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your database.

Server log management: Ensure complete server security

Monitor your servers and track critical changes to them in real time. Manage server logs for your SQL servers, terminals, Oracle servers, print servers, and other web servers. With EventLog Analyzer’s threat detection mechanisms, it is easier to detect server-related security threats, including port-scan attacks, unauthorized access on accounts holding sensitive corporate data, and suspicious activities on devices. You can also monitor server performance and resolve operational issues.

Security event management: Monitor security events in your network

Collect, track, monitor, and report security-related events across your network. EventLog Analyzer is security event management software that analyzes insights from detected security events and provides sophisticated threat response techniques with automated workflows. You can also demonstrate compliance with audit-ready templates for regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, SOX, and more.

Web server log management: Audit, manage, and track web server logs

EventLog Analyzer is a log analyzer tool that doubles as a(n):

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